Personalized, professional care for your optimal health

I loved the service, staff and location! You receive individual attention each time you are there. Also, you don't feel rushed so they can move to the next person. 

​-Stacy R

​I especially like the welcoming and calming atmosphere in the office. Staff are responsive to any questions and are pleasant. The chiropractic services I receive make a difference in my health and well-being. The fact that HealthWise continues to assess and add services that help their clients take care of themselves and work toward healthy lifestyles is exceptional. Thank you! 

-Ardie M

I was suffering from sciatic nerve pain after delivering my baby and Dr. Maurer helped me recover quickly!

-Tovah M

​We've been getting our daughter adjusted since birth and it has helped with so many things! We get her adjusted before and after all vaccinations to make sure her little immune system is functioning optimally. We've gotten her adjusted during many illnesses and have seem such a fast turn around time. Now that she's 2, we get her adjusted when she's having rough weeks and we see almost an instant turn around in her attitude and behavior! Chiropractic does wonders!

​-Nick S

Our entire family is treated at HealthWise Family Chiropractic. Dr. Maurer and her staff make us feel welcome and cared for the second we come through the door.   Dr. Blomberg listens carefully, asks questions and gives chiropractic solutions along with suggestions for safe exercise, nutritional guidance and advice on natural supplements for everything from pain relief to joint health.  With the addition of therapeutic massage and acupuncture, it is the most complete chiropractic clinic we have ever done business with.

​-Governor Ventura Family

I started meeting with Dr. Maurer for chiropractic care in September, 2007, and it has really changed my life, physically and emotionally.  Issues I’d had for years related to pain in my neck and back, as well as numbness in my hand and foot, are now completely gone.  Now that I’m not worrying anymore about that part of my physical well-being, my emotional health has also improved.  Dr. Maurer has been very responsive to any questions I have about the mechanics of chiropractic care and is always willing to discuss all aspects of healthy living.  I have very much appreciated the care from HealthWise Family Chiropractic and Dr. Maurer and would encourage anyone seeking freedom from pain or greater wellness to “take the leap” and go ahead and make an appointment.  It may make all the difference in the world. It did for me!

-Susan Bodurtha

Getting adjusted throughout my pregnancy was one of the best things that I did for myself.  As my pregnancy progressed and I got more uncomfortable, I always looked forward to my weekly adjustment.  Not only did I feel more relaxed afterwards, but my aches and pains diminished, and my low back pain and headaches were kept to a minimum.  I truly believe that my entire pregnancy, labor and delivery were more tolerable because of the care I received through chiropractic. It hasn't stopped there.  I continue to receive treatments to get my body back to where it should be since delivery, and my baby receives care as well to make sure that her life begins as it should--free from subluxation!" 

​-Cara Borggren

Dr. Maurer is Superb!  She diagnosed my spinal cord tumor when my primary care doctor failed to.  My family and I are grateful to her.  She and her staff were wonderful in helping me find an excellent surgeon and continue to be wonderful in my treatment with my recovery after surgery.  The personal care I have receive is more than I ever imagined.  I never have to wait for care when I come in like at other offices.  Dr. Maurer and her staff were invaluable in working out problems with my insurance company.  They are very personable and professional.  I feel very comfortable and confident with the care I have received.  HealthWise Family Chiropractic is one doctor’s office I enjoy coming into. Thank you for everything you do,

-Theresa Cutler

Dr. Maurer, I wanted to take a minute to thank you for the help I have received at HealthWise.  Since my first appointment, I have had confidence that you were the right choice.  My back and neck feel better than they have in a long time.  In addition to dealing with my pain, you have been very helpful with tips on stretching and exercise that promote sustained comfort.  I tell others of not only the relief that I enjoy, but of the professionalism and courtesy shown by you and your staff.  You efforts you are truly appreciated.  Best regards,

-Gary Erlander

​Dr. Maurer and her staff at HealthWise Family Chiropractic make me feel very comfortable and respond to my needs with great compassion.  I feel much better after my visits to HealthWise and recommend them to everyone I meet that suffers from back pain.

​-Tammy S